Ashtanga Yoga Classes and Workshops in Brussels

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Ashtanga Yoga

While most forms of yoga are ideal for improving the body’s flexibility and rejuvenating the mind and soul, they do not lay emphasis on physical strength and muscle training. Ashtanga yoga, however, ensures that you not only obtain a calm and peaceful mind but also a strong and toned body. In fact, it is widely practiced these days as an effective weight management and core strength building routine.

When practicing ashtanga yoga you not only improve overall flexibility but also stamina and endurance. Moreover, ashtanga yoga also helps in building muscle strength, which is often ignored in other forms of yoga. In addition, in comparison to other muscle building routines, ashtanga yoga does not give you a bulky look. It is ideal for toning and strengthening the body, while remaining lean. Thus, it is often regarded as a complete fitness program as it helps in increasing the body’s strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as calming and disciplining the mind and soul.